About Us
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Horwich Sewing Limited  customers are based in the UK,Europe,and U.S.A. The company has 2 factories in Slovakia that provide production capacity for a wide variety of sewn products.

Horwich Sewing, originally established as a CMT sewing unit on the outskirts of Bolton, set up its own factory in Slovakia in 1997 when the competitive pressures forced it to identify a lower cost manufacturing base.

Its business still needed to respond to the rapid changes, short runs and specials that the customers demanded, and Slovakia was chosen as an ideal location.

Over the years this choice has proved to be a good one.

Slovakia has a good pool of well-trained machinists, its time zone is only 1 hour ahead of the UK and, since its entry into the EU, there is now no need for complex customers forms or delays at borders.

The head office and contact point for all customers remains in Bolton.