Horwich Sewing

Over its years in Slovakia Horwich Sewing has broadened its manufacturing base and now makes a wide variety of products on a contract basis for a number of UK, European, and USA companies as part of their balanced sourcing strategies.

Products include bedding ,orthopedic aids, disposable and re-usble protective clothing, including all forms of workwear,FR, and chemical protection, and tableware.

The advantages to the companies involved are considerable and include:

Lower manufacturing costs than in the UK
Easy communications, through UK based office and key English-speaking staff in Slovakia
Flexibility, as a result of teamworking in the factory
High quality workmanship and easy access for QA visits because Slovakia is just over 2 hours flying time from Manchester
2 Day transport time
No problems with customs and quotas because the factory is located within the EU

Sourcing with Horwich Sewing you

will receive excellent customer service with administration, design, production and logistical support.

It is, in fact, like sourcing from the UK but with lower costs.

Several companies, while still sourcing the majority of their products from the far east, reserve regular capacity at the Slovakian facility to provide rapid delivery back-up with stock outs, short runs, specials and unanticipated fluctuations in demand.

The recent changes in market conditions in the Far East now make Horwich Sewing a viable alternative for manufacture